White Mountain Motel and Cottages Long-Term Rental Policies

Long-term rentals (LTR) are available for periods of 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months.  If a Guest wishes to rent for a longer duration, they will be allowed to “renew” for the desired duration, subject to availability, from these three options (up to a max of 6 months total, or 180 days).  White Mountain Motel and Cottages (WMM) reserves the right to revise pricing for any LTR periods that have not already begun.

Payments will be made according to the following:

     1.     First duration period to be paid in advance, plus security deposit (SD) of 50. If guest wishes to receive the discounted rate of a 3-mo rental, they must pay a full 1-mo rental in advance, plus SD, prior to 7 days before start date.  Then, pay a second full 1-mo rental by the 1st day of the next monthly period.  Then the 3-mo discount will be applied, for all three months, to the third 1-mo rental payable by the 1st day of the 3rd month.  Late payments will be assessed a 5/day fee.

     2.     Security deposits will be refunded only if guest leaves in good standing, and there are no damages.  Any repair costs will be deducted from the SD, and the balance will be refunded within 30 days of end of rental.

     3.     Guests/Financially Responsible party (FRP) must pay by cash or credit, no personal checks accepted.

     4.     Since the max duration is 180 days, NHM&R tax will be collected and will not be refundable since it cannot meet the 185-consecutive day threshold.

     5.     A credit card must be on-file in the event damages occur that exceed the SD.  Guest agrees to charges being placed upon the card on file if necessary. Guests may have someone else provide the financial requirements, and if so, this agreement is between the designated FRP and WMM.

     6.     If Guest leaves the LTR agreement prior to the conclusion of the contracted term, they will forfeit any monies already paid (to include payments in advance, SD, etc.).  If they remain on the premises after their payments have expired, their credit card on file will be charged for the next period equal to their previous time period.

     7.     Guests formally request a quote by submitting this form, with all requested information completed, including signature.

     8.     All LTR are subject to room type and date availability, and if approved by WMM, must be secured with the appropriate pre-payments to be received no less than 7 days prior to the commencement of the LTR period.

□  Check here if this is a renewal

Room Type         □ Queen          □ Double          □ Cottage

LTR Start Date     _________________     LTR End Date  _________________      (Cannot exceed 3 months)

Guest Name     _________________________________________________      (Person in residence)

FRP Name     _________________________________________________      (If different than Guest)

Address          _________________________________________________      (Whomever is FRP)

City/ST/Zip     _________________________________________________      (Whomever is FRP)

Signature     _________________________________________________      (Whomever is FRP)

□ Guest     *   □ FRP (Other than Guest)             *Note: Guest is assumed to be FRP unless otherwise noted

By either printing and mailing above form, or by submitting request on-line using the email option below, Guest (FPR) accepts the Long-Term Rental Policies and Standard Policies and agrees to be charged for any applicable costs.

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