White Mountain Motel and Cottages Standard Rental Policies

Thank you for considering a stay at the White Mountain Motel and Cottages.  We appreciate your business!  By booking and staying with us, you agree to all of the policies stated herein, and further agree that the Motel has the right to charge your credit card on file to recoup any loss, damage or fines for violations of these or any posted policies. We are not in the business of “ripping off” our guests, so this should not concern anyone that is respectful and plays by the rules.  And we always send out receipts with explanations for any charges (to email on file).

If you are reading this page on our website (www.whitemountainmotel.com), you are seeing our BEST RATES (on the “Reservations” tab).  It is more economical (30% to 50% less) for you to book your stay over our website, or calling us directly, than to book via any of the “.com” online travel agents (such as Expedia, Hotwire, Travelocity, Hotels, etc.) that we have partnered with.  While we do not offer special discounts to certain groups, we offer this lowest rate to everyone that books directly through us.

Rates are based upon DOUBLE OCCUPANCY (i.e. 1 to 2 people).  $10/night for each additional person.  Children under 2 years of age are FREE.  Please note that, if a paying guest of the motel invites non-paying guests to visit, a $10 per-person per-day user fee may be charged.

Cancellation Policy

We modified our cancellation policy in light of the Pandemic and have decided to adopt it as standard practice going forward.  It changes things much more in favor of you, the guest.  Simply put, guests will have until 3 pm on the day prior to their scheduled arrival date to cancel and expect a refund of their deposit.  Any reservation that is not changed or cancelled by 3 pm on the day prior to the scheduled date of arrival will be due in full once that deadline is reached (and the balance will be charged automatically).  Even if you have a multi-night reservation, if it is not cancelled on time, the entire stay will be due once this deadline is reached.  Guests that have multi-night reservations that decide to simply delay their arrival by one or more days must inform us of their plans even though they may not be entitled to a refund of nights not spent at the motel.  This is because all reservations are considered “No Show” when guests do not arrive on the scheduled date of arrival.  Rooms may be removed from reservations where guests do not show up on date of arrival and put back on the market.  In busy times, where we are sold out, this may result in no room being available for any guests that do not show up on day of arrival and have not contacted us previously with their modified plans.

All rooms & cottages are NON-SMOKING.  Guests may smoke outside, off the patios and stairs, and greater than 10 ft from any door or window.  In the event that you smoke in your room (any kind of smoke) there will be a minimum charge of $200 applied to your credit card.

Check-in:                      3:00 p.m. or later (simply find an envelope on front office door with guest's name on it for key)

Check-out:                   10:00 a.m.

If a guest wishes to arrive early, please understand that your room may not be ready.  If your envelope is not on the office door, your room is not ready.  We ask that you do not call or flag us down to ask.  We are extremely busy trying to get all rooms ready by the standard 3 pm check-in time.

Guests are responsible for any damage they cause to the Motel, its furnishings and/or property (or to that of other guests).  The Motel reserves the right to charge the guest's credit card on file for any and all damages, unpaid fees or balances due.  This includes being charged to replace missing items from room at the end of your stay.

Guests (primary renter) must be at least 18 years of age to rent a room but must behave like responsible adults.

While we love them, we DO NOT ACCOMMODATE PETS due to a host of issues that arise from having them here (fleas, noise, soiling carpet or the grounds, potential aggression towards other guests, property destruction).  We appreciate that many of our guests have beloved pets that are like family to them.  The cost is too great to our small establishment to open this door, so unfortunately, PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED.  Please respect our decision on this, which is to assure a pleasant stay for all our guests.  Any guests caught sneaking a pet into their room (or anywhere on site) will be assessed a $200 fee for violating this policy. This include Emotional Support Animals. To present an Emotional Support Animal as a Service Animal is a crime.

From Memorial Day to Columbus Day we provide 2 GAS GRILLS for our guest's use. They are located next to the HEATED POOL fence. And there are two picnic tables with umbrellas, as well as a bunch of chairs for your family/friends gatherings. We provide FREE PROPANE & COOKING UTENSILS for the grills. All we ask is that you clean up and turn off the gas when you are done. Please do not abuse this privilege. The heated pool is open Memorial Day to Labor Day.

From Memorial Day to Columbus Day our guests are welcome to use the FIRE PIT that is located centrally in the back yard.  We provide a lighter in the utensil pouch on the pool fence between the two grills.  FIREWOOD is available for $5/crate. We provide some paper and kindling with each crate of wood, but tons of dead sticks can always be found along the river/tree line particularly behind the playscape.  Sit down to a crackling fire at night, listen to the soothing rush of water in the Pemi River, watch the stars overhead and roast S'Mores.  We sell S'Mores kits for $5 which includes enough for 4 people and two roasting sticks.  Purchase on our website when making your reservation, or call/email us prior to 6 pm to obtain a kit.  Guests are asked to start their own fires, rather than asking the staff to assist.

While visiting our website's Reservations Page, please click on the available tabs to see a list of items that are available for SALE, RENT or FREE (loan) to help plan your stay.  We rent Pack & Plays & Roll-away beds.  Every room is equipped with its own Microwave, Refrigerator, Coffee Maker and Hair Dryer.  We have loaner irons and an ironing board available in the ice maker hallway (please return immediately after use).  And if you are planning a large outdoor excursion, we have a wonderful selection of hiking maps and books to enhance your visit to the White Mountains.  These can be purchased at the time of your reservation and with your instructions, we can send them to you to complete your pre-planning or have them waiting in your room.  We can have flowers, wine or champagne waiting in your room (with sufficient advanced notice) for special occasions.  We have free loaner DVDs and players upon request.  All items must be purchased virtually as the lobby is permanently closed.

While there is ample space in the parking lot for all of our guests (even when sold out), we do not assign parking slots, and you may have to walk a little further than other guests do, depending on where you park.  Please do not ask us to tell someone to move their car so you can park closer to your door. Parking locations are first-come, first-serve.  

All Cottages and Doubles (motel rooms with two full size beds) are located on the ground floor level and have a max occupancy of 5.  All Queens and Kings (with single queen or king bed) are located on the 2nd floor and have a max occupancy of 3.  If you have more than that, you need additional rooms.  Infants under 2 years old may be free, but they count towards occupancy.  Management reserves the right to change a guest's room assignment as long as it remains the same room type.

The Town of Lincoln has mandatory recycling and we do not have trash pickup.  We are responsible for bagging garbage appropriately and taking it to the dump.  Please do not expect motel staff to separate your trash for you. Every room has a garbage can and a recycling bin.  There are also two recycling bins in the ice maker hallway.  During the Summer months, there is also a large trash bin and large recycling bin in the picnic area.  It is very simple:  Glass & Plastic bottles, Plastic containers, and Metal drink cans are recyclable.  Cardboard, food, paper, and all other garbage is basic trash.  Guests that do not appropriately separate recyclables from trash in their rooms or in the other bins provided will be charged a $50 recycling fee.  WE DO NOT WANT TO CHARGE THIS FEE, but we will.  We have found that unless there is a monetary penalty involved, most people just don't care.  So please, recycle, pick up your cigarette butts, and don't litter.

We are not a party motel.  Take that stuff somewhere else, because it will not end well with us here!

We invite you to come enjoy the natural beauty of the White Mountains here at our family owned Motel and Cottages.  With a beautiful flower garden between the motel and the highway, and the river along the back-property line, and conveniently located next door to Clark's Trading Post, folks can enjoy a quiet, natural setting, yet be strategically located to all of the attractions in the area.  Come try us out.  We're confident that if you do, you'll want to come back again and again.